Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets looking at Inexperienced Carlos Beltran?

SLACKISH REACTION:  It’s another day of random Manager Speculation.  Today everyone is writing about Inexperienced Carlos Beltran.  (I may go all trump and stick with that).  Inexperienced Carlos Beltran doesn’t make any sense to me – why not keep Veteran Manager Mickey Callaway who won 86 games, his team never quit on him, and showed he was good at juggling playing time?  Why switch to an Inexperienced Manager?   That makes no sense.

Also, there seems to be some Revisionist History in that Carlos Beltran is a beloved Met who of course is going to wear a Mets cap on his HOF plaque.  I lived through that era, and I’m not sure he was ever loved-loved here.  I don’t worry about the looking at Strike 3 thing, and I surely have nothing against the man, but not sure how this makes any sense.  He also was repped by Boras when playing so I can’t float a CAAspiracy.

NOT LINKING: The clowns at the AAIMBR handed in “JD Davis had a nice season.”  You go read that.  A different site handed in the Pete Alonso Year In Review.  Stop.  Please stop.

Just remember kids, baseball is healthy.  Digital revenues are up.  Milennials are buying SRO passes.  The empty seats are all part of the plan!