2020 Queens Baseball Convention will be held on January 18th, 2020

I am hearing from Queens Baseball Convention Insiders that QBC20 will be held on January 18th.

No other details are available at this time but I imagine that the QBC Guys are smart enough to realize the nostalgia point is 2000.

Hopefully I will have a soccer tournament or something so I don’t have to drive to Queens to moderate some panel.  We got the Seaver statue and Mark Fine is no longer with the Mets…maybe I’ll just hang out in the back with Ehalt and David Roth.

I also hope these QBC guys bring back the t-shirts.  This logo would look cool on a black shirt.

What the QBC should do is have a panel called “Meet The 75 Writers From the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report” – they could fill the building with just those guys and make the money back on march.

I am also hoping to host a panel called “So none of you are the new Mets manager” with Joe Girardi, Carlos Beltran, and whoever else SNY floats as a candidate.

Actually, can I host “Why again did we fire Mickey Callaway?”