Desperate Mets Blogger finds something to post and it is a Mets Can Fridge

Whew, I found something to post.  Is it good content?  Probably not, but still better than the 74 guys over at the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report recapping Pete Alonso’s season or pretending they know anything about Luis Rojas or Joe Espada as a manager.

If you head over to Media Goon’s apartment you will find two or three of these because they say Mets on them and he cannot help himself.

I was confused what we were buying here for $300.  Is it a can?

No, it seems to be a fridge.

A fridge for cans.

You should drug bottled beer, it tastes better, soda is bad for you…and stop buying bottled water you are destroying the environment.  Get a decent real fridge with a filter and just use refillable bottles.

So not sure what cans you are putting in this, but it does say Mets on it.

So let’s talk about Joe Espada…..