Gil Must Go: this is where Gil’s luck runs out, Seaver exposed again in Game 1 of the 1969 World Series

Look Gil, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME.  Why does nobody listen to me?  Did I not point out all summer that Seaver feasted on the expansion teams?  Why are you starting Tom Seaver in Game 1 of the World Series when you have Jerry Koosman?

These 109 win Orioles are not the dopey Braves nor the Choking Cubs.  This is the read deal, and you can’t start Tom Seaver in Game 1.

So now the Mets are down 1-0.  Mike Cuellar isn’t even the Orioles’ best pitcher.  What a hole Gil dug for the Mets.   Jerry is gonna have to pitch his best to give us a fighting chance.


All in all, a great way to spend two hours and eleven minutes on a Saturday afternoon even if it was Seaver Exposed.