Gil Must Go: Gil overmanages and costs Koosman a CG but Mets win 1969 World Series Game 2

Are you all ready to admit that I was right yet?  Like so so so so right all summer?  All you idiots telling me Seaver was “The Franchise” when it was obvious that Koosman was the One True Ace.

Well, this World Series is your proof.  I don’t know what Gil was thinking starting Mr. Terrific in Game 1, but The OTA got it done in Game with 8 and two thirds (can we PLEASE STOP OVERMANAGING) of one run ball.  Why Gil couldn’t let Jerry finish the game I will never understand, but Koosman is THE MAN and now it’s tied up 1-1 with Gary G up next!  Sheesh, you walk two guys and suddenly Captain Hook is at the doorstep asking for the ball.  Let the man pitch!

A Sunday Afternoon, a two hour twenty minute gem of a baseball game.  Man I love baseball, it’s easy to see why it’s America’s Pastime.