Mets Police Morning Laziness: is Marcus Stroman going to take over Todd Frazier’s role?

SLACKISH REACTION:  Nothing happened and there are managerial rumors.

Marcus Stroman continues his campaign to be the New Todd Frazier – that’s the player on paper that should be a hometown favorite but somehow just isn’t – by liking a bunch of anti-Yankees tweets.   Dude, they didn’t want you.

I know some people will think that him liking the tweets is the bees knees, but those people like to spell LGM with an F in it.  They can LGM off.

The Dodgers did not want Baseball Operations Jessica Mendoza in their clubhouse. I still wish to be educated on what contributions she and Al Leiter made to the 2019 Mets, other than being Friends Of Wags.

NOT LINKING:  The AAIMBR thinks you want to read their season recap of Justin Wilson.  Jesus guys, what’s the thought process over there?  Is it just a  post so the 74 of you can use the comments section to generate clicks?