Report: SNY Mets ratings were up!

Via a really tiny graph that didn’t embiggen when I clicked on it, Forbes reports SNY’s ratings were up!   

Using my Advanced Command Plus technology I was able to zoom on their otherwise unreadable graphic and learn that the Mets’ rating was up t 2.47 from 2.3 and their households increased from 163,000 to 175,000.

Baseball is back baby!  Mets games were the 4th most watched thing on Baseball Nights, and the #2 thing on cable.  The Other Brand Of New York Baseball was the #1 thing on cable.   Baseball is back.

The article tells us 13 of the 29 RSN’s (Canada not included) saw their ratings go up.  Baseball is back baby.  Hold on I am being passed a note…

I am told that 16 of the 29 saw their ratings not go up.  Oh.

Anyway baseball is back and hotter than ever, and teens everywhere are watching baseball and not playing the Fortnite update.    Baseball is back baby.

Let’s check back, oh say in 2024 when JDG is old, the Fortnite teens are in their 20s and the Mets’ cupboard is bare and Wags is long gone – let’s see how SNY does then.