The Mets Managerial Debate

The debate got me thinking the Mets/SNY should just take the managerial search to the people. Clearly the Wilpons are terrible at hiring, and Wags is a disaster, so why not let people like Frank the train guy pick.

All the managerial candidates on stage. Girardi, Beltran, Scout Guy, Tony Perez’ son, Wags’ nephew Beto, Pete Davidson….whoever

We will start with a pre-debate show where guys like Andy Martino and John Harper tell us what’s about to happen, all of which is incorrect of course.

Gelbs, Howie and Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza ask questions. Everyone gives a speech about how they plan to fix the Mets.

The moderators can ask questions like..

“Mr. Girardi, if the GM saddles you with a guy making $20M and the player clearly isn’t hitting, do you feel like the player should play?”

“Mr. Beltran, how do you plan to keep the team strong for several years given that some idiot traded away all the prospects?”

“Mr. Scout Guy, you’ve never managed. Why the hell would we even be considering you? Are you repped by CAA?”

“Mr. Petez, how does it feel to be here?” (That was Gelbs’ Question. It wasn’t very interesting.)

“Beto, if Uncle Brodie trades Syndergaard to the Yankees, who do you think takes those 32 starts?” (Question submitted by Andy Martino)

We can poll the fans and select the manager. Then when the fans make a stupid pick they can all shut up because they will be the ones who picked.

It would draw a huge TV number and would give Jeff and Wags cover – it’s not them being stupid this time, it’s YOU!