Citi Field parking is gonna become hellacious as the rich get richer

From the Queens Chronicle…

Before you start reading, it might make sense to take a look at this image that the QC has so you can get a feel for what we’re talking about here.

Two large swathes of Willets Point land are being eyed for temporary Citi Field parking spaces, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

That’s because construction of the proposed $2.05 billion AirTrain linking LaGuardia Airport to the area will require staging areas be placed in Citi Field parking lots, the agency said. The work is expected to mostly affect the Southfield lot, which sits south of Roosevelt Avenue.

Sorry T-Shirt people.

But wait there’s more.

In addition to potential Citi Field replacement parking, there’s a possibility of Delta Airlines using Willets Point land while it replaces its terminal at LaGuardia Airport. The Queens Development Group, a joint venture of Sterling Equities and the Related Companies that the city contracted for the redevelopment, last year sent the state a letter indicating there may be temporary parking spaces installed in the area that would be used by Delta while the terminal’s being replaced.

So basically it seems to me that they kicked out the chop-shops so Sterling and Friends could make some parking coin.

Time for this again….

And why again are we making people go all the way to Flushing then double back to LGA when we could just extend the N Train….Heres why….

And if you’d like more thoughts on that….here’s

Why not extend the N/W trains to LGA?

Carriero: Great question! This was the original proposal in the 1990’s that was defeated by community opposition in Astoria backed by Peter Vallone. But extending the N/W trains will merely shift the burden to another community. The problems with the Airtrain are not NIMBY problems. The AirTrain makes no sense from transportation, financial and engineering (it will be outdated by the time construction is finished) points of view, and it is intended to benefit only travelers to/from Manhattan (the stated purpose of the project is to provide a “30-minute one-seat ride” from midtown). If the new LGA is to move out of “third world” status and is to be a gateway to NYC, why force travelers onto an overcrowded and poorly maintained subway line or an LIRR train that runs infrequently. Consider also that a large portion of Manhattan residents have to take the subway to access the LIRR, adding another seat and even more time.

Dulong: This is a great question – and one that will have to be evaluated in the environmental review process. Frankly, we should all be asking, what is in the best interest for New Yorkers? And how can it have the lightest impact on local communities and our environment?

But again the real answer is…


Anyway…who cares? Pete Alonso hit 94 Home Runs?  LFGM and Stuff!  Stop being so negative!

Meanwhile, the AAIMBR is talking about Tomas Nido recaps.  Go read their site and stop worrying about stuff like this.