Ron Swoboda knows Mickey Callaway got a raw deal

Ron Swoboda gets it.  It’s clear to me that Jeff fired the wrong guy.

I felt bad for [Mickey] Callaway. I know it’s hard when a new general manager comes in and you’re not his guy,” said Swoboda. “I felt bad for him because sometimes when you don’t have all the pieces… when you don’t have a bullpen that can close for you on a regular basis, you make a lot of decisions that don’t work. You look at the number of blown saves. One of the things we did in 1969 that [Gil] Hodges aimed at was we won a majority of our one run games. You win those because you close out. That was not something they were good at last year. If they figure that out, they’ve got some good pieces in the puzzle.” (via CBSLOCAL)