Wags 5 Reasons for Hiring Inexperienced Carlos Beltran (and Press Conference Recap)

Wags greeted us

Wags then gave 5 reasons he hired inexperienced Carlos Beltran (ICB).

  1. He’s poised
  2. He’s trustworthy – Wags threw some weird shade here at Mickey and said that he (Wags) wanted to walk into the managers office and exhale not inhale. Then said some words about trust.  Major shade.
  3. Carlos has a growth mindset.  Knows what he doesn’t know (like say managing).  Wants to learn more
  4. Carlos is Committed to beating his opponent!
  5. He has an understanding of players.  He will be a players manager.  Carlos played in the major leagues!

FYI Mickey Callaway was a former major league player.

Somewhere in here Wags thanked the Baseball Operations Staff…he did not mention Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza which is weird.

Wags then gave the line about commitment to winning.

Time for the too-familiar pictures…

Then Q&A Time.

Gelbs goes first…uses the phrase “somewhat unique’ which is not a thing….then asks about Carlos wanting to manazzzzzzzzzzzz

Gelbs asks about experience.  Wags says “Carlos has experience and he has life experience.”  Oh.

In the next Q ICB said he has to get to know the players.

Finally guy from Mad Dog Radio asked about Girardi!  Wags gave a safe answer and spun it about how awesome ICB is.

The next guy asked…for real…”Watchu think about this Mets team?”

Tim Brtton (or was it the other Tim…I dunno…one of the Tims)…. then asked a real Q about past bad blood…they’ve moved past it.

And then since a real question was asked they wrapped it up.  The video stream ended about point one second later.

That was unbelievably uninspiring.

I have a bad feeling about this…


And I hope someone dives in on the whole weird section about walking into he manager’s office and being able to “exhale.”  The word trust was thrown around.  It sounds both like they didn’t trust Mickey, and that ICB is a total pawn.  Some also speculate that was some sort of anti-Girardi comment.