Mets Police Morning Laziness: Inexperienced Carlos Beltran and Unexcited Fan Base

The Mets announced a new manager.  He is Inexperienced Carlos Beltran.  It is completely unexciting.  Wags gave 5 reasons why.  ICB is talking about bringing former stars to camp to help.  This whole thing is starting to feel like Omar Minaya II.

On the other hand, of the three people below, I have the most trust in ICB.  That is not saying much as Jeff is second.

I did find it interesting that Wags went out of his way to thank his operations team, but did not mention Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza.  I am still unclear what her contribution to the organization has been, and look forward to someone educating me on the subject.

You’d think the new manager would bring lots of excitement.  It has not.  Oh sure, there are some people who want to relive 2006 and they are giddy, but for the most part this move did nothing for the fanbase.

You’d also think that the day after the new manager there would be stuff to write about.  There is not.

You’d also also think that some like Noah Syndergaard who couldn’t get off social media last week would comment on social media.  I don’t believe he has.  Maybe he is on vacation.  But when you’re on vacation, isn’t that when you post on social media such as Instagram?   Perhaps I am reading way too much into this, or maybe Thor isn’t excited either.

NOT LINKING: The Mets got P Stephen Gonsalves off the waiver wire (Twins).  Formerly MetsBlog tells us Pete Alonso “could” get some hardware this month, as if there is another choice for Rookie of the Year.