Mets Police Morning Laziness: even though Mets said they wouldn’t trade Syndergaard, write click bait anyway

NOT LINKING:  The Newspaper pulls a Martino and writes about trading Noah Syndergaard.  The point of the article is that the Mets do not plan to trade Noah Syndergaard and that they shouldn’t trade Noah Syndergaard.  OK they won’t.

If Matt Harvey had a terrible season and an albatross contract and had previously served a PED suspension and then hung out with soccer players instead of watching game films and working out, you’d be mad at him.

The below makes no sense to me as a defense of why someone should be manager. By this logic, Lenny Dykstra would have been a good choice for manager…plus Lenny won in Queens.  Why not hire Doug Sisk?

SLACKISH REACTION:  I feel the darkness coming out in me.  The other sites will soon spin their wheels with “Pete Alonso COULD be Rookie of the Year” and the more speculative “JDG could win the CY”  (Formerly Metsblog did one of those already).  Plus TRAIDS.   Time to channel my inner Chappelle…

So, do you think the Mets could trade Syndergaard to the Yankees again?