Mets selling Mets backpack just don’t bring them to a Mets game

Here’s the scary part – if these are inside the Citi Field store then these backpacks are already inside the Citi Field Security Perimeter!   How do we know we are safe inside the Mets store?

Of course, backpacks are perfectly welcome over by The Apple to do whatever you want with your backpack.  It’s not like any fans are over in that area and could be injured by whatever you and Dr. Evil have planned.  Who says the Mets security policies make no sense?

I am home right now in the same chair where I watch my Mets games.  You know what’s next to my foot.  My backpack.  The one I carry my laptop in, because it’s the 21st Century and I have many gigs all of which require my laptop so I bring it with me almost everywhere.   Except Mets games.  So I don’t go to Mets games.  You want me safe because you want me back….You want me back, make it not-annoying, I will worry about the safety.  You gonna secure the 7 train from backpacks?  How about even the 200 person line in front of the rotunda?  Secure those and we can talk.