Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets visit theme parks sometimes

If Matt Harvey visited a theme park between winning back to back Cy Youngs would you be mad at him?

What’s disappointing is this photo was actually from 291 days ago.

I did see that Todd Frazier left New Jersey and went on Star Tours this week.  I guess he took part in New Jersey Vacation Week.  In NJ, there are “teacher conferences” and the schools close so all the teachers can attend the conferences and not just take 5 day weekends.   I won’t share as Todd posted a family photo with his kids and I do not drag children into my silly jokes.

But what if Jeff McNeil went to a hockey game instead of watching game films and working out? Would you be mad at him? And what if the vulgarity that was allowed to creep into the Mets’ culture this summer started to infect hockey hashtags?

I retweeted some photos from the Teacher’s Convention, and good job by the teachers taking photos with Vader, Cat In The Hat, and of course attending game night in actually going to the convention. The rest of you can say hi to Todd Frazier at Disney World.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I cannot remember an off-season this bad for content.  There is just nothing.  Nothing at all.  I guess I could/should put my head down and do some sort of nostalgia piece(s) but I have been pretty busy with other projects.

But there’s nothing.  There’s no buzz off Beltran.  The Mets haven’t announced anything random like a ticket plan or a new name for a club or anything.  Just nothing.

NOT LINKING:  Wow even the newspaper and Formerly Metsblog are floating some AAIMBR-like trades.   Sure, the Mets are totally in on Mookie Betts – the guy YOU wouldn’t trade Matt Harvey for (you dear reader, you.)  And there are all other sorts of What if The Mets Got This Guy articles.   Even Gelbs probably finds it boring.