Mike Piazza talking about Warren Buffett as a baseball manager for some reason

Mike Piazza (seen here in his Angry Mike Piazza character) was talking to CNBC about Warren Buffett being a good choice as a baseball manager.

I see what Mike is saying here.  Buffett is…

  1. Poised
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Has A Growth Mindset
  4. Committed to beating his opponent
  5. Has an understanding of players.  Well maybe not this last one, but he probably is repped by CAA and definitely has never managed a baseball team before, therefore logically should be the person to replace Inexperienced Carlos Beltran who replaced inexperienced Mickey Callaway.

Here’s Wags’ list of things that make for a good manager, and below you can read Mike Piazza’s.


Meanwhile, Piazza also praised Buffett’s “ability to see markets and see talent,” as an example of why the billionaire compares favorably to a baseball scout or manager, who would need to identify talented athletes. Buffett has the ability to “see companies that are up and coming,” Piazza says. “See companies that have good teams, and that are efficient, that are achieving things. That are proactive, not reactive. And then having the capital to sort of make these strategic bets.” (via CNBC)