Mets Police Morning Laziness: the irony of Todd Frazier being upset about Turkeys!

So before I begin let me let you know I’m in a great mood, but you really cannot drive.  I mean like come on get you please learn how to park and/or back out of a parking spot.

Anyway, the bagels this morning are Perfect.  Just perfect, warm and soft and super awesome.   Then I went to the Donuts Chain for my coffee, and I heard people there ordering bagels.  People, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  The Donuts Chain has many yummy products, but there’s a perfectly nice bagel store just down the road.  Don’t do that.

Behind the scenes here at Mets Police – kinda annoyed at myself.  So I keep some “generic” posts on hand in case of a rainy day  I usually have them “scheduled” in case I don’t post anything, or amy busy, and then can just quickly drag them to post “now” – tricks of the trade here 11+ years into doing this.  I usually keep them “scheduled” for a week from Saturday.

So yesterday I got up at 4:10am and headed to the airport and had written the Laziness the night before.  One of those rare days where I didn’t log in at all, and @mediagoon is pretty good at texting me if he sees I am not paying attention and the Mets do something like hiring a manager at 8pm

And whaddaya know – “next Saturday” came yesterday without me checking the editorial calendar and moving the generic posts up.  So all that stuff you read yesterday was my stash.  I never intended to post all that back to back like that, and you see even some of the phrasing is off – oe post makes it sound like a weekday, another a Sunday….so GRRRRR but on the other hand some people have real problems so whatever lets just move on.

As for the airport, I probably had the best airport day you can.   My flight was at 6:30 so I “cowboy’d” my plan.  I got up at 4:30, even showered, and headed out.   So here’s my basic math….

Half Hour to The Airport

Half Hour For Parking

Half Hour For Security

And planes board half an hour before.

That’s my normal math.  So I had left myself Negative 30 Minutes.  Hahaha.

I decided, since this was a one day trip, to pay for the Day Rate at Newark so I could walk right across ($39, well spent).  And I did…so parking was like 5 minutes.  I have TSA Pre so that was like  yo what’s up….and as I got to my gate with no bags (day trip) they were boarding Group 2 which is me so I walked right on.  It was so so nice.

Coming home, same jammy.  TSA Pre had ZERO people and were like oh hey Shannon good to see you come on in, and took under a minute….straight to the gate which was boarding and I walked on.

Some major Cowboy action there but so so nice.  And then right across to my car.  No waiting for  shuttle bus to P6 and I didn’t have to ask @mediagoon to pick me up at 11:30pm.   Very nice day.

So why did I cowboy the second one?  I ordered a pizza at Girodanos at 4:50pm.  I get that deep dish takes 30-45 minutes to make.  At 6:05 it still had not come, so I paid for it and left my daughter (who lives in town) behind to collect the pizza and jumped in my Uber.  So no pizza for me.

Anyway we’re like 15 paragraphs in and you probably wanted me to mention the Mets at some point…

NOT LINKING:  The Mets are considering Jeremy Hefner as pitching coach for some reason.   But whoa whoah whoa STOP THE PRESSES

Todd Frazier is furious about the turkeys invading his town


What’s this?  OK Daily News, I’m so in on that…

“They are a big problem here,” Frazier said Saturday afternoon. “They have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard…”


Oh Todd, do you not see the irony? None of us want Turkeys around. I know I don’t want them in Queens.

And as someone who will be doing the Annual Mets Turkeys awards in two weeks I thank you so so so so much for this.

SLACKISH REACTION:  The people at SNY don’t seem to know much about Mets baseball.  Did they think Colon was in-shape when he WAS pitching?