Mets Police Morning Laziness: Pete, it’s just fine here on the couch.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Vulgar Pete Alonso showing how he’s not David Wright.

I’ll answer Pete. It’s nice here on the couch.  And every time you hit a Home Run I think to myself, wow that’s unbelievable.  Nobody every hit so many home runs.  What a remarkable departure from the norm.

And I wait to see what happens when the numbers regress to the mean and how the fans react, and how YOU react to the fans reacting.

But for now, you’re just an unbelievable player.  Let’s Go Mets.

By the way, the Access Media is really excited about Pete’s tweet.    Pete has Matt Harvey Disease but does have a little more resume to back it up on the road to going Full Namath.

David Wright would have said nothing.   The Captain.

In other news, the Post has a nice recap about The Inexperienced Carlos Beltran Astros Cheating ScandalGate.

The main point being Wags can pretend its not a Mets problem but its a Mets problem.  After all, one of the 5 stated reasons for hiring ICB was his Trustworthiness.   So it is that we can’t trust him not to cheat, or that we can’t trust him to tell us about past cheating?  Or should we just never ever trust Wags?

Mets Tickets go on sale next week, but as I told Pete, it’s great watching him from the couch.   No backpacks, no tickets.