Mets Police Morning Laziness: GM with Cy Young and ROY decided inexperienced manager was the way to guarantee success

THOUGHT OF THE DAY:  This man has the Cy Young and the Rookie of the Year.  Apparently, he thought the best way to guarantee success was to hire an inexperienced manager.  One that’s kinda sorta caught up in a cheating scandal before he even starts.  I do not trust this man at all.

I just designed a new plane.  Sully Sullenberger is available.  Should we hire him to fly it?  Nah, Carlos Beltran likes planes.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Some maniac scheduled a soccer game for 8am.

What a Star Wars day.  First I played whatever the new SW game is – Jedi something.  For the first hour I was like “really?” as there’s a lot of climbing and quite a few “where the hell do I go now?” moments.

But apparently that’s the tutorial and once you get to the main game you meet a droid and your character starts saying things like “we should go up there!” so it gets far less annoying and a mystery starts to pop up….and yeah way better.

Then at 9:30 I put on The Mandalorian.  What a great time to be a Star Wars Fan! (Star Wars > Mets).  That might have been my favorite half hour of Star Wars ever.  Well, maybe the first time I saw Hoth blew that away – but wow what a great walk through the Star Wars galaxy.  No spoilers, no details but just wow that was so great – except when Mrs. Mets Police interrupted it at the 14 minute mark bc why would I be able to watch a half hour of TV uninterrupted.  Grrrr.

Oh you wanted to talk about baseball.  Well, the Next Frazier is Marcus Stroman.  The idiot Mets are letting him wear zero on his uniform.  Major B0000000 (those are zeroes) to that.  Being honest, I look forward to Stroman being on another team.  Maybe we can package him with Vulgar Pete and just let Dom Smith play 1B.

There’s something about Stroman that reminds me of Frazier.  Enthusiastic local guy but…I dunno…just misses.  I wonder what his stance is on turkeys.

After a few days of actually caring about their readers, Formerly Mets Blog has gone back to sucking.  Nice clickbait fellas.  The answer is he has chosen zero.

Oh, just one more thing.  If I told you the Wilpons were involved in a project with a lot of debt, would that worry you?