Mets Police Morning Laziness: Pete Alonso is looking pretty trim!

SLACKISH REACTION:  There’s extra nothing today.  I am in a good mood, slept until 7:30am (which is “late” these days).  People had their act together at the Bagel Store.  I got some Donuts Chain Iced Coffee.  Soccer isn’t until 10.  Played the Star Wars Game and Tropico 6 and later today there are new episodes of The Crown.  Life is good.

Vulgar Pete Alonso, coming off an UNBELIEVEABLE year sure is looking trim!   Also looks like he has not aligned himself with my favorite t-shirt retailer in The T-SHIRT WARS.  Anyway, Pete is looking quite svelte.  Perhaps he doesn’t eat as many carbs during the off-season to fuel his extreme power hitting.

Thor was up to this.


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“Children see magic because they look for it.” Great day watching the next generation of Texan MLB stars.

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NOT LINKING:  Either the AAIMBR ripped off Formerly Mets Blog or Formerly Mets Blog ripped off the AAIMRB, but either way they BOTH did “5 relievers the Mets should sign.”   If you have the kind of time to read either of those…hey maybe hit the treadmill instead, or play a Star Wars video game or watch The Crown.  I seriously don’t know what you could possibly want out of some random opinion on which reliever the Mets should sign.  Seriously.  Maybe I’ll ask @Mediagoon if I can go Full Shatner and yell GET A LIFE at The Queens Baseball Convention Of Nassau County on January 28th.  Goon already canceled my Star Wars panel.  Jerk.

Yes the guy who blogs every day for 11 years about the Mets just told you to Get A Life.