Mets Police Morning Laziness: stupid cheap video game Mets let Noah Syndergaard go the Nationals

Happy Thanksgiving you turkey-basters.

Let us give thanks for all the good memories the Mets gave us in the 2010s.  

And let us remember the 2019 Mets Turkeys

MLB Shop still has big sales as they clear out the Majestic jerseys before the Nike Swoosh crap arrives.

SLACKISH REACTION:  OMG I played so much video games last night.  Like 5 hours.  Started with New Star Wars Game which I wanna like but it’s too much of a climbing game with far too many stretches of “OK game I have no idea where to go here can you just tell me.”   Wait for that one to deep discount.

Then I played some The Outer Worlds which I really like, but then I just wanted to turn my brain off and I fired up MLB The Show 19 and man that game really felt great last night.  I continued my career as “me” and I am mad at the stupid Mets because they are using me as the long reliever when I should be in the rotation.  My agent hasn’t spoken to me since I signed my deal, so I just come in and pitch an inning or two in games that the Mets are losing 5-0 and it’s kinda annoying.  And yet I played for 3+ hours and will play more today.

But the big news is the Stupid Cheap Mets let Noah Syndergaard sign a 9 year deal with the Nationals.   Thor has a 99 rating – JDG only a 98 – and the Mets let this guy walk.  Stupid Mets, even in video games.

NOT LINKING:  The newspaper wants the Mets to make Robinson Cano a utility player.  He has $80M on his contract left and his former agent runs the team.  Can we just put the Daily News out of its misery?

I mean that’s as stupid as this thing SNY put out…

Right. It’s his hard work on his defense that is why the Mets aren’t eating nine and half million dollars.    And the Mets are going to pay a guy eight million to be a utility player.  I mean come on people, do you follow the team you supposedly cover?

But hey, this Ramos one is  attributed to John Harper who has Noah Syndergaard To The Yankees level street cred with me.  John, even in video games the Mets don’t trade Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Giving Thanks for all the good memories of the Mets in the decade of the 2010s