Mets Police Morning Laziness: Scorcese must like baseball

SLACKISH REACTION:  Is Martin Scorcese a baseball fan?  I sat down to watch The Irishman and saw it was THREE HOURS TWENTY MINUTES.  Marty, I idon’thave that kind of time.  And then my mom called so it was after 9 before I would have even had an opportunity to hit play…so no Irishman for me.  Maybe Sunday?

I did discover that the James Bond films are on Amazon Prime.  I think my plan is to treat those like a TV show and just watch an hour at a time for like the next 17 years until I finish them all.

Some maniac scheduled a soccer game this morning early.  And tomorrow.  And Sunday.   Grrrrr.

In Mets News, Noah Syndergaard issued Order 66 against all mascots.

El T-Shirt Hombre is selling Los Mets tees for some reason nobody understands.  This goes into the NOT AFFILIATE LINKING section since he doesn’t have an affiliate program for us capitalists.

But MLB Jerseys are still on sale and you can use my affiliate code woooo.

Queens Baseball Convention tickets are on-sale now, but Mac and Dennis didn’t send me a press release and I have soccer so I can’t tell you much about it.  Koosman, Hojo, Wagner, January 18th, Mulcahy’s.  That’s all I know.

NOT LINKING:  It amazes me just how bad the AAIMBR is.  Is there ANYONE who wants to read “why the Mets should consider trading for reliever Blake Treinen” – ANYONE?  Why write that?