Mets Police Morning Laziness: The Gang Sells Lots Of Tickets

SLACKISH REACTION:   As grandma would say, “It’s too much with the soccer.”  I was out all day yesterday 7a-5p and have to drive all the way to Suffolk today for another all-day’er and then again tomorrow.  At least I “slept in” until 7am.  No such luck tomorrow.

That really messed up one of the great Videogames & Netflix days of all time (Black Friday).  I played some of the Star Wars game before getting annoyed once again that I couldn’t figure out where to go.  Then some MLB The Show where the stupid Mets are keeping me as the long reliever despite my sub 2 ERA.  Does anyone know the code to sign with CAA?

Then I watched The Mandalorian which I shall not spoil.

METS ANYTHING:  There is no Mets anything.  Even the AAIMBR couldn’t be bothered to recap someone’s season or come up with a Fan Shot Trade.

QUEENS BASEBALL CONVENTION:    Mac and Dennis tell me they moved a lot of tickets yesterday which is great!  You should go see Koosman, Hojo and Wagner on January 18th.  So far I haven’t been assigned any panels which is great.  Hopefully I can escape th….I mean you should totally go! I probably have soccer anyway.