Mets Police Morning Laziness: no Robinson Cano isn’t gonna platoon stop being stupid

WHAT YOU MISSED:  Here’s what you missed over the holiday weekend.  Nothing.  I’m not even sure the Mets are still a business.

SLACKISH REACTION:   There is less slow than I expected but I guess it’s gonna snow all day.  Who knows.

NOT LINKING:  Last week one of the newspapers or lesser blogs had some nonsense that Cano should platoon.  This morning the AAIMBR’s 74 writers came up with that same original idea.  Guys, the man has $96M left on his deal and his former agent is the GM.  One of the extremely minor blogs has Rubin Tejada Year In Review.  Who is reading that?  He had NINE at bats.  Then again so did Yogi Berra in 65.