Mets Fan Fest: are the Mets even serious? Let’s look at what the Cubs and Red Sox do

I thought I’d write about Mets Fan Fest.

I am glad they are doing it.

The questions I keep having are, why are they doing it, and are they actually serious about doing it well?

It occurred to me what the Mets are missing with what they have announced so far:  COMMUNITY.

Oh sure they can whip put Pete and deGrom and you can get a signed poster and that’s cool and I applaud the Mets for doing it – but I feel like the secret sauce is The Hang.  Community.

Let’s start with Cubs Convention. Here’s a video you should skim.

Now I skimmed it too (I get it, we’re both busy) but as I skimmed I saw this…

What’s happening here is players like Andre Dawson and Ferguson jenkins are joining whoever these other nice men in Cubs jerseys are (I recognize the guy with the glasses).

Let’s also not gloss over that these are just the Opening Ceremonies.

Let’s also not gloss over this appears to be being televised.

Let’s bop over to the complete known information about Mets Fan Fest.  I know the print is small.  What it says is “FANFEST will feature appearances by new manager Carlos Beltrán, current Mets players, Mets’ legends, and include games, ballpark tours, and other activities for the whole family. The event will run from 12PM to 6PM, with three 2-hour sessions.”

Back to the Cubs via this MLB Press release

CHICAGO The 35th Annual Cubs Convention will go on sale to the general public Friday, November 1, at noon CDT. Fans have the opportunity to purchase all-access weekend passes, hotel packages and new experience passes.



The 2020 Cubs Convention all-access passes will feature three days of players, coaches and alumni autograph opportunities, engaging panel sessions, traditional fan-favorite activities and much more. Each all-access weekend pass is $125 plus convenience fees and includes three-day access to all activities and experiences offered at the Sheraton Grand Chicago and Loews Chicago Hotel, pending availability. There is a limit of four all-access weekend passes per household. Passes will be available for purchase by visiting or calling 800-THE-CUBS.

$125 is not $20.  But three days is not two hours.  And from what I have shown you already, doesn’t Cubs Con look way better than whatever the Mets will do?

On Saturday, January 18, at the Loews Chicago Hotel the Cubs will host a live audience for the tapings of several new videos for the Cubs YouTube channel, including a special edition of “Bae vs. Ballplayer.” In addition to being a part of the live audience, attendees will be able to enjoy interactive experiences and more at the Loews Chicago Hotel. Passes are available for $40 and include access to the Wright and Sullivan Ballrooms at the Loews Chicago Hotel. There is a limit of six Saturday Loews Experience passes per household. Passes will be available for purchase by visiting or calling 800-THE-CUBS.


On Sunday, January 19, the whole family is invited for family-friendly fun at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. From face painting and inflatables to games and activities with Clark the Cub, the Sunday Family Experience offers exciting festivities the whole family will enjoy. Individual passes start at $25 and include access to activities and experiences available in the Sheraton Grand Chicago ballroom located on the fourth level. There is a limit of six Sunday Family Experience passes per household. Visit or call 800-THE-CUBS for more information including bundle packaging pricing for Sunday Family Experience passes.

And let’s not gloss over the below.

A portion of the proceeds from the 2020 Cubs Convention benefits the Cubs Charities’ Diamond Project which aims to expand baseball and softball opportunities for all Chicago children and youth by engaging kids with skilled coaches, and quality programming and providing safe and accessible places to play the game. To date, Cubs Convention has raised more than $4.5 million for Cubs Charities.

To be fair Mets Fest says “Fans will have the opportunity to purchase autograph tickets for $25 per person, per autograph session. Proceeds for all autograph sessions will benefit the Mets Foundation.”

Here’s two more screen grabs from the Cubs Con

That looks fun and BIG.  Again to be fair, for all I know is the Mets are going to have Saturday Live With Steve Gelbs and do the same thing.  Dunno.

But hey enough about the Cubs, maybe they are just good at it.  Well…how about the Bosox?  Let’s check out Winter Weekend


Um…..yeah deGrom, Pete and Beltran are nice….and two hours in the cold is nice..but yo LOOK AT THE POSSIBILITIES.

Player & Alumni Autographs & Photos @ MGM Springfield and the MassMutual Center

Each Weekend Pass to the event comes with guaranteed access to one autograph and photo session with one or two of the attending players/alumni/coaches.    Please note that the individual(s) signing autographs in each room is different from the individual(s) taking photos.

Autograph and Photo Sessions will take place at both MGM Springfield AND the MassMutual Center. Please make sure you are paying careful attention to your wristband to ensure you go to the correct location. You will receive your wristbands when you check in for the event at the MassMutual Center box office. Pre-registration for your autograph/photo sessions will begin on Friday, January 3rd.

Breakfast with Wally & Tessie/Dinner with Wally & Tessie* @ MGM Springfield

Join Wally and his sister Tessie for a mascot-themed breakfast and dinner for kids and families on Saturday morning and early evening! *separately ticketed events for additional charges

Season Ticket Holder Lounge @ MGM Springfield

Season Ticket Holders are invited to stop by their exclusive Lounge on Saturday, January 18 to relax and unwind while connecting with other Season Ticket Holders and the Red Sox Season Ticket Services team. Complimentary snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the day, as well as games, giveaway opportunities and more! Proper credentials required.

Town Hall Meeting @ the MassMutual Center

Winter Weekend kicks off Friday at the MassMutual Center arena, right after members of the 2020 Red Sox are introduced. The Town Hall will air on NESN at a later date.

Fan Fest @ the MassMutual Center

This year’s Fan Fest is comprised of 3 areas: the Family Fun Zone in the Exhibition Hall, the Social Media Lounge, and our new ‘Wally’s World’ area.   Make sure to visit all 3 spots between Friday night and Saturday to test your fastball at the speed pitch, get your picture taken with the four World Series Trophies, giveaways, and more!

Baseball Insider Panels @ the MassMutual Center

This year’s panels will take place at the MassMutual Center. There will be no pre-registration for panels. Access to the panels will be first-come, first-serve.

Ticket Town @ the MassMutual Center

Dedicated sales representatives will be available on Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday to assist with ticket purchases for the 2020 season, including a chance to purchase tickets for summer games before they are available to the public.

NESN Live from Winter Weekend @ the MassMutual Center

Catch NESN’s live broadcast of Winter Weekend with special appearances from Red Sox players and executives on Saturday.


So again let me ask the question – are the Mets even serious about this?  Are they testing the waters?  Look at what I just posted vs this again…


I mean, seriously?  Do you think THAT is gonna be this?

Many of you know this, but for those that don’t, I was a co-founder of the Queens Baseball Convention, and of the two guys running it now one is my cousin and one is a good friend with whom I do baseball trips including one to London.  So apply whatever bias to this post you want to assign to me.

My angle isn’t to shill for the QBC, it is to encourage the Mets to look at the possibilities.  Yes they have done “a’ Fan Fest and that’s a good thing but man hand the QBC guys, or me, all all of us the keys for a year and look at the possibilities.   Yeah sure the Mets can make Pete and JDG show up because they happen to be in town on Jan 25th to pick up awards (by the way Mets can you at least announce/admit who is coming to your Fest?) but wow imagine if someone tried.

Other teams are somehow able to have three day extravaganzas in hotels, that are televised (Mets, do you know anyone at SNY?) and because they are three day events in hotels they build COMMUNITY which is what this should be about.  Meeting Pete Alonso for 20 seconds is nice, but how about letting the people who love your business a chance to hang with the other people?  Nope, sorry your two hour window is over please exit the building.   Nice, but really not trying too hard.

I doubt the Cubs and Red Sox do this because they are nice.  I’m willing to bet this is a nice little business.

So Mets, thank you for doing a Fan Fest.  I really truly appreciate the initiative.  I just am not convinced you are serious.  When you are…it will look like this., not John Franco waving at people in the Rotunda.  Good start but get serious.