Mets Police Morning Laziness: pssst Wags you should google Josh Hader Tweets

SLACKISH REACTION:  Looks like the Mets could potentially be possibly considering acquiring a guy named Hader from the Brewers.  Hader has somehow been on the All Star Team twice in a row without me ever having of heard of him until yesterday.  Mr. Hader saves a lot of games…so I’m glad that the GM mortgaged the future last year to bring in Diaz in the The Diaz Trade that you guys told me was a Diaz Trade and Cano’s $100M was just the throw in.   Also, don’t google “Josh Hader Tweets” – I think the Mets haven’t.

The Mets being the Mets will probably overpay and then be surprised when the rest of google Josh Hader Tweets.

I understand that people do dumb things when young and that we can all become better people, but if the Mets go out of their way to bring the circus to town, that’s on them.

By the way – Ryan Braun is repped by CAA, once served a PED suspension, makes $17M next year and is one of those “guys Jeff Wilpon has heard of” (Jeff and I have that in common) – does Braun not sound like the sort of throw in to “the Hader deal” in which we give the Brewers whatever prospects we have and Dom Smith goes and wins three MVPs in Milwaukee?  You know this will all come true.

NOT LINKING:  Lots of nonsense articles about who the Mets could and should acquire.  Whatever guys.

Oh and Mets – google “Josh Hader Tweets.”

NOT METS:  New episode of Shark and Goon in which we discuss last week’s The Mandalorian.