Uni Watch on what Steve Cohen could mean for the future of Mets uniforms

Here’s a good read for y’all.  It’s from our old friend Uni Watch Paul Lukas, and I don’t want to excerpt too much as you should read the entire thing…but the basic premise is wondering aloud about rich guys buying sports teams and what it might mean for uniforms.   Read it.

And like many fabulously wealthy people, he may have a high regard for his own tastes. Maybe he’s been spending much of his life thinking, “If I ever get to own this team, first thing I’m gonna do is fix those (Alosno-word-bleeped) uniforms.”

And yes I am aware that this morning I complained about COULD articles and then I put a COULD headline out there and linked to a sort-of COULD article – except Paul’s article is well thought out and has actual points.  It’s not just COULD Cohen change the uniforms to pink?    (Also the secret to life is that we all live long enough to become everything we originally hated.  See Howard Stern if you want a massive example.)

Also I hear Syndergaard could be traded to the Yankees last summer, but I digress.

My take on the Uni Future:  Cohen is 63 and from Long Island and is a Mets fan.   That makes him 21 in 1977, and makes him a teenager in 1969.  Everything there profiles that Tom Seaver would be his favorite player.  I think we’re pretty safe on the uniform front.

My take on retired numbers:  Hey this guy should also profile as someone who might open the floodgates to retiring 8, 17, 5 and yeah even 15 depending on how much of a disaster this summer is.