Mets Police Morning Laziness: Jeff Wilpon is the Man of the Hour

SLACKISH REACTION:  Drop everything and read The Wilpon Family Chronicles in the Times.

Other than that, it’s a relatively quiet day in the neighborhood.  The Cohen Era Mets continue to open their large checkbooks and have signed Brad Bachs!

Other than that, even the AAIMBR didn’t write anything for me to Hate on.

So let’s Non-Spoiler talk The Mandalorian.   Another great episode, much better than last week’s.  If you like the show you may enjoy Shark and Goon podcast in which @mediagoon and I talk about the show.  Our episode 5 recap won’t be out until tomorrow night because it’s the weekend which means I am at a soccer tournament.  But you can listen to us discuss the first four episodes, they are only like 20 minutes each.

I’m trying to get Goon to record a whole bunch of Star Trek and James Bond conversations but he’s always working driving movie stars around or whatever it is he does for a living when not planning the Queens Baseball Convention with Jerry Koosman, Howard Johnson and Billy Wagner.

Back to the Mandalorian, can the internet calm the heck down with spoilers?   Rolling Stone posted something around 10:30am yesterday that kinda ruined the episode.  Guys, it’s 10:30 on a work day, can you give us a chance to actually watch the episode?

I really wish this thing wouldn’t come out at 3am…I’d rather it come out at 8pm or such.   At least they only drop one at a time so you don’t have to watch 10 hours of TV like you do with every other series now because websites can’t wait to do spoiler articles. Grrrr.

Speaking of watching things – hey Martin Scorcese.  I’m sorry man, but I am watching The Irishman twenty minutes at a time.  You probably should have just made a four hour TV show of this.