Must Read: The Wilpon Family Chronicles (New York Times)

Stop everything and read this New York Times article called The Wilpon Family Chronicles.

It’s the good version of the story the Post’s hacks have been trying to write for a decade now, and mainly focuses on Jeff Wilpon.

I saw a good tweet the other day (from @toogooden16)  that pointed out that Sterling Whatever is a family business, and if we are hearing that nobody wants Jeff in charge that means that they’d rather not have the baseball team than work with their nephew/cousin/brother.  Wow.

Here’s a small taste…

Soon after Matsui joined the Mets in 2004 and reported to spring training, he injured his finger. Jeff Wilpon was adamant that Matsui play in televised spring training games to build excitement for the season after a last-place finish a year earlier. Bruce was more protective of Matsui and urged caution.

The disagreement came to a head when Jeff, seeing a promotional opportunity, wanted Matsui on the field. Bruce pushed back. The argument grew heated and ugly, as Jeff dug in. After that, Bruce rarely, if ever, was involved with the team again