Mets Police Morning Laziness: the case for keeping Dom Smith and trading Pete Alonso you are afraid to admit

Phil Mushnick is not afraid to confront the truth you cannot face yourselves:

Unless MLB team owners have their own financial and other secrets to protect, Mets fans are supposed to be giddy that a fellow whose company paid $1.8 billion in fines and another $135 million to settle a class action suit might come to their rescue?

That such a businessman could receive consideration, let alone approval, to own a majority or minority stake in an MLB franchise is far more disturbing than surprising. Or is it that under Rob Manfred, Selig’s successor, MLB’s integrity remains up for auction? (via NY Post)


Meanwhile, this being the Mets, and I know this is Crazy Talk From Me, but are you gonna be shocked when it turns out long term that the Mets bet on the wrong horse at 1B and they stick with Ike Davis II the year the ball was juiced?

“[Smith] is going to be interesting to follow the next couple of weeks,” the talent evaluator said. “I really like him a lot. He’s not going to play first base for the Mets and there is no other spot for him. He could start for a number of clubs. I think his power is going to come and he’s going to hit for a good average. [Smith and Davis], those two guys together in a package could really get you a player.” (via NY Post)

I know you’re gonna get mad at me, and I know it sounds crazy to think about on this cold morning but I am still a believer in TRADE PETE HIGH AND KEEP DOM.

Hmmmm let’s see, what if we gave him 3x the ABs (531) and he were able to hold his numbers.   .282 33 and 75?  Not too bad for a guy about to play at age 25.

Tell ya what, let’s just double them and give him 354 at bats.  That would be 22 Home Runs and 50 RBI.

Now let’s look at Vulgar Pete’s second half.

Wow that’s interesting.  23 HR and 52 RBI in 317ABs with an average in the .230s.  Kinda like what Dom Smith could put up, but minus 50 points on his average.

Fortune favors the bold.  You and I both know that 50+ HRs in Citi Field will not sustain.  Search your feelings, you know it to be true.  Trade High and play Dom.  Or trade Dom for a reliever and wind up with Ike Davis 2.0

But nobody listens to me.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I dunno, I have early soccer and wrote this last night after a few cold adult beverages.