Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets more excited about the coaching staff than we are

The Mets announced their coaching staff last night.  For some reason they picked a little after 6pm as the time to do it.  I guess they wanted to own the Monday sports section?  Not get let in Eli Manning Is Back news?  Gotta have coaches in place for whatever meetings are happening this week?

I didn’t even read the words of the press release.  Saw names like Chili Davis and Jeremy Hefner and kinda moved on with my evening.  I was in Hour 17 Of the Irishman when the release came in.   The Irishman is good, but like everyone is saying it’s so long.  It’s not even “too long” it’s just like whoa 4 hours.

Speaking of pop culture, there’s a new episode of Shark & Goon where we discussed The Mandalorian Chapter 5.

SLACKISH REACTION:   It’s pouring.  I am tired.  The French people are using “mets” in their tweets and gumming up my twitter searches.  The AAIMBR has a “Fan Shot” about the sale which is news from five days ago, and I hate to tell this to the AAIMBR – everything you guys do is a “fan shot.”  You’re not the Edward R. Murrow of the Mets.  I need coffee.  Oh, and there’s no Mets news other than the coaches.