This is the Mets 2020 Spring Training Radio Schedule

My new car has one of those fancy HD Radios, maybe I will be able to actually hear the games this year on the FM side.  AM is completely unlistenable by me now (buzzzzzzzzzzzz) and you know my feelings about the MLB App’s LOUD COMMERCIALS which they ignored me on for four seasons so they can go jump in a lake.  Anyway, I have gotten quite accustomed to NOT listening to baseball on the radio…and if you’re losing me and nobody younger than me likes the sport…good luck with all this.   Anyway, none of that is why you clicked not this.

Howie Rose (ranked #1 baseball announcer in the world) and Wayne Randazzo (ranked #2 baseball announcer in New York and that includes the TV side gang) have the call most days.  WCBS 880 AM.

And good to see we’ve stopped with that nonsense from last year where Wayne was “auditioning” for the job.  Anyone with ears should know he is the right fit.