Mets Police Morning Laziness: The Big Zero makes more $ than Thor????

SLACKISH REACTION:  Noah Syndergaard agreed to a $9.7M contract avoiding arbitration.  While a nice living, it is somehow $1.3M less than Matt Harvey made in 2019.  The Mets also avoided arbitration with a bunch of other guys but let me call time out here – do you actually care?  I mean I know at first glance you’re like Whoa I Hope They Signed XXXX but do you really?  Do you even know who was Arb eligible once I get past the shiny name of Thor?

I get that every Mets site is going to publish the list, and go ahead an read them, but do you actually care?  you and I both know you don’t.  The Morning Laziness is here to free you.  To free you of the insanity of clicking on things that do nothing for you.

Here, do you really need to know?  Jake Marisnick, your favorite Met, will get $3.3M.   What are you going to do with that information?  Well maybe you work at the AAIMBR Content Farm and want to work on a Salary Projections Post, continuing the circle of WHO CARES CONTENT.  Click click click as we all race to the bottom.

Well, if so you’re gonna need to know that Nimmo is getting $2.1M and guys like Lugo ($2M) and Gsellman ($1.225M) have to be like Jeepers Creepers how the hell do I get out of the bullpen so I can make some coin?  If I am those guys and I hear that The Big Zero is getting $12M – WHOA THAT’S MATT HARVEY MONEY and more than Thor – I am on the phone with my agent begging to get in a starting rotation somewhere.

Well, I have given you most of the numbers so I might as well tell you Conforto got $8M, Sugar Bear Diaz $5.1 and Matz $5M – which again if I am Lugo and Gsellman I am on the phone with my agent right now and I don’t wanna “help the team” I wanna get paid and I will be happy to take the ball every 5th day for the Orioles or someone.  Now.

Anyway lets not gloss over thatTHE BIG ZERO MAKES MORE MONEY THAN THOR???

Who out there is controlling The Narrative that The Big Zero Stroman is some sort of elite pitcher?  Also, keep in mind that the Toronto fans on the internet did not seem to like the guy.  This should get interesting before it’s all done.  But hey, if you don’t trust Wags’ player evaluations…..oh wait I can’t even say that with a straight face.

I know Milennialls can’t understand Wins but

Thor: 47-30 3.31 plus has marketable star power

Zero:  51-47 3.76

Good news for all you Sam Haggerty fans.   He was on the 2019 Mets you know.  I think even Greg Prince may have missed that.  Anyway, Sam is now in the Mariners Org!  And get this, a refugee from the AAIMBR is now content farming for a Mariners site.  I’m tempted to Not Link but I shall so I can prove to you how ridiculous the Content Farm is.

NOT LIKING: The Mets Mafia want you to buy into The Narrative that Rosario is working on his defense.  There’s a big campaign to let you know this, but I am not yet sure WHY the Mets want this out there.

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