Mets Police Morning Laziness: everyone remained calm at youth sporting event

SLACKISH REACTION:  Get this.  I was at a Youth Basketball Game.  A Rec game.

There are two teenage refs being assisted by the adult in charge.

A play happens.  Teenager makes a bad call.

Now here’s the amazing part….

The adult ref corrected the younger ref.  They reset the play and continued the game.

Even more amazing!

The coaches were calm.

Even MORE amazing….

The parents were calm!

All this happened without one person yelling at the teenage ref or being really upset that there was one incorrect call in the middle of youth redecoration basketball.

This is absolutely amazing.

I don’t know if you’ve been to a youth sporting contest in the 21st century, but generally there is .000001 second between an infraction and someone yelling at a ref.  I don’t think it is possible for the neurons in ones brain to blow a whistle before someone yells COME ON REF.

Also, the refs are indeed rooting against your team.  These refs are clearly from the other town and hate your team.  There is nothing more important than that ref getting that first half foul (soccer) called correctly.  World Peace depends on it.

Anyway, what a nice time at the Youth Sporting Event.


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METS NEWS: There is absolutely no Mets news. Former Mets star Todd Frazier seemed to hit the Boardwalk or something. Even the AAIMBR couldn’t be bothered to write anything today. It’s nice out, go outside. You can listen to some Shark & Goon podcast while you’re out. No Mets content on that.