Mets Police Morning Laziness: everyone is talking about baseball!

Good morning.  I will need my coffee before diving in on this one but looks like Slate will have today’s must read.

“You guys are scaring me”: A woman accused three New York Mets of raping her during spring training in Florida in 1991; they were never charged. Almost 30 years later, hardly anyone knows it happened. Daniel Engber grew up idolizing the Mets, who won the World Series in 1986. He knows countless facts and anecdotes about the team but did not even remember this woman’s story. He wanted to understand it, and when he dug in—telling, for the first time, the story of what happened to the accuser—he found eerie echoes with our current times.

I plan to dive in on that as the day allows.

SLACKISH REACTION:  It is good to see everyone talking about baseball again!  It was the day of the Student Athlete Championship Football game (I feel bad for the student-athletes who have early classes this morning) and the NFL Playoffs are on and everyone is talking about baseball!

I wonder if any of the players knew they were cheating?  Shouldn’t ALL the cheaters be disciplined?   Let’s say a manager corks a bat and hands it to a player and says “hey this corked bat will help you!” – wouldn’t the player be suspended for using the advantage?

Now if I am the Astros owner I am laughing.  Yeah yeah I know he fired people and Integrity and Stuff…but how much did the value of his asset increase from the cheating?  How many extra tickets were sold?  Not bad.  The Mets should cheat…and they may even have the right guy to lead the cheating ring!

Corporate Sponsor Stadium in Port St. Lucie will have a new name.  Again.

The Mets are renaming the street of Corporate Sponsor Stadium after Mike Piazza.  This is an odd move.