Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mike Piazza joins The Circus of Beltrangate

So the Mets think to themselves, we really should do more to honor the past.  Let’s name a street after  Mike Piazza.  We can have an nice event and Jeff can make a speech like he did for Seaver and…..

…and the Universe decided NO.  WE CAN NEVER HAVE ANYTHING NICE IN QUEENS and dropped Beltran-gate on this.

So poor Mike Piazza is gonna show up and have to deal with Jeff taking questions about Beltran (except after the first question which will be Gelbzzz asking, “Mike, how did it feel when they renamed the street.”  But Tim and other Tim and the other three Tims will get to the point.


The interesting thing from yesterday was Alyssa Rose, Mets reporter, daughter of one Howie Rose (total coincidence, she got the job on her own per Howie – he didn’t even know she had applied!) – who tweeted something about the Mets handling this the only way the could…..a little vague…that tweet got deleted.  I thought I saw another tweet suggesting Carlos would step down but I can’t find it or maybe I imagined it or maybe it was a spoof account but that’s in my brain this morning.

So let’s all sit around to see what happened.  The guys at the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report are writing about Pedro Beato because they are Content Farmers who have no sense of an editorial calendar, so if you are bored in a world of 500 channels and endless internet and got your workout in and rewatched ten Star Wars movies, I mean I guess you could read their interview with Pedro Beato.  It sounds really interesting and on topic, right?

Admitted cheater Lyin’ Todd Frazier signed with Texas.  Nobody cares about cheating.  MORE CHEATING!!!