Mets Police Morning Laziness: what happened, what now and what the Mets SHOULD do

SLACKISH REACTION:  I have seen this first take elsewhere but I like it a lot and will share it:  Had the Mets just hired Joe Girardi, this whole Beltran thing would have spilled on the Yankees.  But instead, the universe restored the natural order of things and the Mets found themselves in a kerfuffle.

However, as Mets Kerfluffles go, it was pretty calm.  No circus for once.  The Daily News Remnant is trying to cause trouble with a “Most Mets Day Ever” back page, but I guess since they fired most of their sports section nobody over there knows what a Mets Day looks like.  This was not one.  AT ALL.

Jeff did a nice job in the morning doing the good version of “this is about Mike Piazza” (which could have easily turned into “I’m only here to talk about Qualcomm”), and the team put out a statement and….look the house isn’t on fire for once.

Yes I know its January 17th and we don’t know who is managing, but so what?  It’s not like Inexperienced Carlos Beltran was some sort of sure thing.  They’ll pick someone and then its pitchers and catchers and the newspapers will either get “What if Carlos…” stories or “What an amazing fortune that XX is the manager” (this scenario is one in which Jim Breuer is attending games in April, always a good sign of how the team is doing).

So let’s see what happens.   We’ve had far far worse days in Queens.

ICYMI it all…

Here are the statements from Carlos Beltran and the Mets.

Mike Piazza chimed in on cheating.

Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza said something about not liking rats.  Then she clarified what she meant.

Wags said Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza wasn’t speaking as a Baseball Operations Expert but was actually in her ESPN Commentator Jessica Mendoza persona so it didn’t count.  That is not at all how the world works Wags.

Oh yeah, this all overshadowed the Mets renaming 31 Piazza Drive which is a thing that happened yesterday.  I enjoyed the Mayor who seemingly didn’t know the name of “The Mets Announcer” who he said did a good job.

But The Mayor is a big time Mets fan and has the cap to prove it.



  1.  Alyssa Rose had the story correct on Wednesday night.   Who was her source?  Is her source mad she can’t keep her mouth shut.  Can her source protect her with the people in the org who are gonna be mad.  Does her source really think I believe he had no idea she was getting a job with the Mets as if they are gonna interview her behind his back.  What if she hadn’t gotten the job and then told her source she interviewed with the Mets and didn’t get the job?   Anyway, I digress from the main point which is the first three sentences of this paragraph.
  2. Mets Fan Fest, the Fan Fest with No Details, is in a week.  One of the few things they HAD announced was Carlos Beltran.  They still haven’t admitted to Pete and Jake coming, even though both are in town that night to get awards.  What the hell is going on, and all they be able to navigate the day?
  3. The judgement of the General Manager needs to be questioned.  He said Carlos Beltran was trustworthy.  It was his stated reason for hiring the guy!!! (While throwing Mickey some serious shade.).  The same person brought in Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza who was the only person to get everything wrong yesterday.   And then there’s that whole roster assembly/Cano stuff.   Jeff, you need to pay more attention here.  You (Jeff) got this hire wrong.

Here’s the line via Formerly Mets Blog

He’s trustworthy.

“When we began this process, it was important for all of us in the ownership group and the baseball operations department to feel like we could exhale when we walked into the manager’s office. We didn’t want to inhale in anticipation of the conversations. Instead, we wanted to feel comfortable, we wanted to feel welcome and we wanted to feel partnership with the manager. We can trust Carlos and that goes a long way.”


Stop trying to always think out of the box.  Get IN the box.  First find a traditional field manager who can steady the ship.  There are all sorts of Usual Suspects names out there.  Go get one.

You should also get IN the General Manager box.  I have an easy fix for you.  Let Wags go, and let Omar do his thing.  Just keep Omar away from the media and you will be fine.

Don’t overthink any of this stuff Jeff.  Head down…steady course.  You did well yesterday, now put the right people up top.   And yeah, change General Managers white you’re straightening up.


As for today – I am obsessed with Altuve videos and all the other rumors.  As I love chaos, I am hoping they burn the Astros down, and then the Astros take everyone with them.  Let’s set the sport on fire.

But remember folks, you’re not gonna like what’s at the end of this road.  Mwahahahahaha.


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