Mets Police Morning Laziness: MSM has it wrong as ususal

SLACKISH REACTION:  You’d think there would be some Mets news but there is not.  The Mets maybe perhaps spoke with Dusty Baker, I don’t know.

Most of the Mets articles are two days old, and what caught my eye are the ones from the national media.  It’s like they all just say the word Mets and ran Generic LOLMets article..

The Group  Think of Those With No Feel For The Team is that the Mets bungled the Beltran thing.  You’ve seen me mention a few articles about this.

My sense is that the Mets handled this the best they’ve handled anything in recent memory.  There was no drama.  No circus.  Jeff didn’t ruin Mike Piazzalooza.

They put out a statement.  Carlos went as gracefully as he could.  Now they need a manager.  Just like the LOLAstros and LOLRed Sox.

There’s nothing embarrassing here.  They didn’t rush to a decision, and they didn’t drag one out.  Well done for once.


There are six days until Mets Fanfest and there are no details.


By the way, the speed in which baseball wanted everyone to know that their stars are totally not on HGH…..maybe you’re on HGH.  Baseball stars aren’t.  Why would you say that?  Am I crazy?  Is it me?

Which reminds me…about that Other Topic… your feelings you know it to be true!  You’re even thinking about it now and I didn’t even say what Other Topic is.

Speaking of Star Wars, good job by me warning Jeff back in November.

And the way he thought it did not go.