Mets Police Morning Laziness: 5 days until the mystery box that is Mets Fan Fest

SLACKISH REACTION:  If you want to see how bad modern media is, go to Google right now and type METS into the news tab.

What you will find is a million articles all based on the notion that the Mets might be talking to the Pirates about Marte.  I would hope the GM is regularly speaking to all 29 teams in an attempt to make the Mets better.  But what happens is one person writes an article, and everyone else copies it.

Yesterday I mentioned the Mets may or may not be talking to Dusty Baker.  By the end of the day Dusty had made it clear that the Mets were not (yet?) talking to Dusty Baker…so now we have 100000000 articles about that.

There’s rarely an original thought out there.

Mets Fan Fest is 5 days away and there are zero details.

I have total confidence that the Mets are not half-(doing) this and will have something as amazing as Cubs Con. They just want to surprise us.

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