Must Read: Raissman calls on GKR and Media to call Wags on his failures!

I love this….from Bob Raissman in the Daily News

Speaking of the Callaway tenure…

Rarely was it ever pointed out to what extent BVW was pulling the strings. While he enjoys being in front of the camera, Van Microphone was not looking to stand in front of one to take responsibility for a failed decision he, or one of his staffers, passed down to Callaway.

This only led to embarrassment for the former Mets manager when he explained decisions he “collaborated” in or decisions forced on him.

If anyone is going to hold BVW accountable for some of Rojas’ strategy it should be SNY’s Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen. At least two of them are doing a Mets telecast every night during the season. They have the reputation of carrying a big stick — prove it.

The inordinate amount of kudos they have received throughout their tenure at SNY, and the juice they have at the network, provide them the latitude to say: 1) If they believe a decision was solely made by Rojas or came from the top down. 2) And if they do tell viewers they believe the decision came from BVW, credit him for its success, or criticize him for its failure.