Mets confirm Matlack, also announce Darling, Jackson, Fonzie to Mets Hall of Fame

Ok, everyone in the conference room RIGHT NOW.  We are have an emergency meeting.  All of you.  Right now!

Last week when I found out Jon Matlack had been elected to the Mets Hall of Fame, what was the first thing I did. I told YOU.

YOU. Not the other people who read the site, YOU.

And today I have to find out from a comment on a tweet that the Mets announced four Hall of Famers…I find this out SIX HOURS LATER? Not one of you thought to give me a psssst?

Unbelievable. I am furious with you all.

So my comments….

  1.  Matlack.  Told you.  Last week.  Did the Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets Blog Report tell you?  No.  Did Formerly MetsBlog tell you?  No.  I DID.  I DID!  But do you tell me when there’s news? No.  Nothing.
  2. Great for the other three.  I am assuming this is AL Jackson and not Roy Lee Jackson or Austin Jackson or someone else.
  3. So looks like they picked one from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Good way to go.
  4. Ron wasn’t in already?  I guess he wasn’t.
  5. Four inductees is too many at once.  The Mets should have split this.  Unless there’s such a backlog of players to put in….take your time.  Maybe you do Matlack and Ron this year and Jackson and Fonzie in 2021.
  6. Al Jackson died in 2019.  Maybe do this a year ago guys?  But it does bring up the point of doing such things WHILE PEOPLE CAN BE HONORED.  If more 69 Mets are getting in, do it now.   Don’t wait to build a statue until Mike Piazza is 97 and can’t make his own ceremony.
  7. I did not get a press release.  I don’t know if anyone got a press release but I didn’t.   Maybe the Mets are mad at me.  That’s OK too because I am mad at them.
  8. What is the criteria now?   Ron has 99 wins.   Is Sid Fernandez with 98 wins worthy?  We’re not going to put famous Yankee Al Leiter in, are we?  He has 95.  Or does he get in now because he’s a Mets Baseball Operations Expert.  Matlack has 82.  Famous Yankee David Cone has 81.  There has to be a line, no?  I am drawing at Ron.  Sorry Sid.  And what are we going to do with Jose Reyes?
  9. You Mets know Fonzie won a championship and then you fired him right?  Does he have the wrong Agent?
  10. You all suck for not telling me.

I’m really hurt by this guys.  The next time I have a scoop I’m just gonna blog-tease you.