Why did GKR Instagram delete their Carlos Beltran post?

Hmmmmm….this morning in the Morning Laziness I observed that GKR didn’t post anything from Fanfest and that it appeared their most recent post was welcoming Carlos Beltran.

Now it seems the Beltran post has been disappeared….and GKR Insta have posted some new things from the weekend.

While I am always happy to see a social media site updated, one wonders why they decided to take the Beltran post down? We can’t unsee it.

We know you were happy Beltran was back, and that’s OK. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about GKR, none of us knew what was happening, and in the scheme of things lets not act like Carlos Beltran is (Insert Nefarious Person Here).  Maybe the guy was involved with banging on a garbage can, he’s not Public Enemy One.

Weird move. Hi person who updates the site. Tell Gary I said hi and that his Beltran post is………wait for it…..

…its outta here!

Much much much thanks to Mike for pointing out the deletion, as I love non-controversies like this.

So lets stir it up – hey why haven’t GKR welcomed Luis Rojas on Instagram?  Don’t they like him??

Why didn’t Gary post pictures from Fan Fest?  Does he no