Is this the best cap ever made?

Let’s talk about how perfect this cap I bought is.

Don’t bog down if you like this team or not.  Just look at the cap.

It’s a New Era 2920.  Unstructured.  LOW crown.  Beautiful.

And look at how the brim came out of the box!  Perfect bend!!!!!

Again look at that curve.  Out of the box like that!

I absolutely love this cap.

And it wasn’t $40 it was like $22.

I have been quite disappointed in some of my recent cap purchases.  TTSG had some nice designs, but then the cap itself was high crown and like three feet tall.  I am not Vanilla Ice.  I just want a nice low-riding cap, and boy the 49ers 2920 is PERFECT.

I mean look at that.  Just gorgeous.

Hopefully the Mets Spring Training cap, a design I like, comes in a similar model at a similar price.   If they ever decide to sell those.

Also, good job by New Era sending me the Super Bowl cap BEFOFE THE SUPER BOWL.  I know Fanatics sometimes has some challenges with their special event stuff.