Mets Police Morning Laziness: why should I tell you?

SLACKISH REACTION:  Is there something new?  Maybe.  I am not telling you.  Why?  Because the Mets announced four new people in the Mets HOF and not one of you told ME.  Why should I tell you?  You’re gonna have to click if you want to know.   I am mad at y’all.  It’s a tantrum day for me!  Perhaps I shall run for President!  I am good at tantrums and sticking nicknames on people.  Are there other qualifications?

CAPITALISM:  2019 jerseys are now down to $72!  You can have a deGrom jersey with NO SWOOSH for $72.  Or you can pay full price and have a swoosh. Which would be stupid.

NOT LINKING:  Sigh, there’s an article telling us that Rojas is a good manager something something getting to the field early and staying late.  Don’t we hear this about every manager?   And let’s be honest, if JDG is starting today and vulgar Pete hits two home runs can’t I just stroll in at 5:15?  Anyway looks like one of the NJ papers got a new young eager person who likes to do that annoying thing where you put your phone an inch from your nose and talk into the camera.  Generation Z likes that stuff.  You Milennials, now in your 30s and depressed (did you see those articles?) are gonna love as Gen Z takes over and annoys you.  I will just laugh at your misery.

ALSO NOT LINKING:  Formerly MetsBlog is just wasting everyone’s time with incessant DH articles. Today they even have something like who would have been the Mets DH in 1976?  That’s a real thing they wrote.  THERE IS NO DH IN THE NL guys.  So my question is WHAT IF THERE WERE TWO DH’S?????  Then what?  Who would have been the Second DH in 1985?     This is all so stupid.  Trading Syndergaard Articles are more useful than this cheese.

Interestingly, Formerly Mets Blog used “Rewriting History” in their title, which is what the AAIMBR has been using for their ripoffs of Citi On the Edge Of Forever (which lets face it, is a way more clever title.)