The Mets ‘Team Describe’ cap is an atrocity

Hey looks like my tantrum was heard.  Thanks to Nick, Pat, the T-Shirt Guy and Ceetar for all making sure this was on my radar.

This is called a Team Describe cap.  The target audience seems to be people with bad taste.

The crown is approximately 19 feet high, and the brim is flat.

Oh, and New Era, can we at least try here?

Then again, New York City only has one landmark and doesn’t really have a nickname or anything, so one can understand that both New York teams get the statue.

Let’s compare the above atrocity to my new favorite cap, the unstructured low crown nicely curved 5920.  Whether you like this team or not, it is a well designed cap, with a proper crown and curve.

Again, thanks to everyone for letting me know about this.  I will now forgive you for not telling me about the Mets Hall of Fame yesterday.

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