$1600 gets you Cool Amed Rosario sneakers that unfortunately come with 26 Mets tickets

Hmmm this is interesting.

So say you want some snazzy sneakers.  You’re going to have to buy tickets to 13 Mets games (twice).

Unfortunately for you, the Sneaker Sections are limited.

Wow that’s pretty pricey.  And look at the fine print – you have to buy TWO seats, and you only get one pair of sneakers.  I guess you could wear one shoe and the person with the other ticket could wear the other shoe.

Since I am cheap I will opt for the $700+ tickets.

Looks like I will have to sit in the 130s…I will be near the t-shirt people and I get to watch the game backwards.

And let me check out…

A $25 Service Order Charge….and wait what….I have to pay for the sneakers?  It’s not a throw-in, I have to pay for them?  $1600 to get sneakers?


How about this?

Let’s buy these Nike Flyknit sneakers…

And now let’s buy a gigantic TV on which I can watch the Mets games.  All of them.  Not just 13.

Looks like I have spent $1250…that leaves me about $350 for a comfy chair…

That looks pretty comfortable.

So I can sit home, wear my new kicks, watch my giant TV, AND I can have my backpack with me.

Why the heck would I buy the Rosario plan? I wouldn’t.