Baseball Cheating: did MLB ignore the complaints of 10+ teams?

Interesting…from the Washington Post, which I find to be pretty reliable.

Like most of the people interviewed for this story, the executive spoke on condition of anonymity to defy an MLB request that personnel from other teams refrain from speaking freely about the Astros. He estimated “10 to 12” teams had complained to MLB about the Astros over the years. An executive from another team agreed with that number.

10 to 12 teams?  What was Mr. Torre doing, making sure the Mets didn’t wear rogue caps to honor people who responded to the emergency on September 11, 2001?

How does this happen?  Well probably the same way baseball allowed ridiculous home run totals to happen when ridiculous home run totals happened.

Do not let the Insane Playoffs Plan distract us.    When will Manfred do something…..about Manfred?  What did baseball know, and when did they know it

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