Mets Police Morning Laziness: no Clubhouse for you!


SLACKISH REACTION:  I see we are all supposed to be LOLing the Mets because they won’t let the minor leaguers use the fancy clubhouse.  Sorry, I don’t feel like LOLing that one.  Seems like a Millennial’s reaction to things.  Life isn’t fair Millennials.

The Agent tweeted this yesterday.  I am not sure why.  Maybe he just wanted to tick fans off.  Maybe he wanted to tick his minor leaguers off?  Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing?

Seems like a mighty big expense for something to be used two months out of the year. I hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it.

The Mets Way.

Speaking of money, Jeff Wilpon issued a statement about the sale of the Mets.

In other news, the Commish floated a plan to add 99 more teams to the playoffs and….well my reaction was baseball just needs to die already. The details and my reaction here. 

Of course, realize that the Playoffs Nonsense is just to get you to stop talking about Astros Cheat-Gate, and the national media has fallen for it.

Also note that the Access Media all seem to like the plan, whereas baseball fans do not.  Funny how that often seems to be the case.