Why is baseball’s Access Media sticking up for the insane playoff idea?

Here’s what I am noticing.  FANS of baseball don’t seem to like the proposed changes.  Yet, the Access Media seems to dig it.

Is this just another example of the Working Press having no idea how fans feel? Whether it’s netting (I am in the closet about my opinion, I am no longer allowed to have it or I will have to walk the street naked like Cersi, and nobody wants to see that) or obstructed views or 8:37pm starts being fine….the media seems to live in some bubble that has nothing to do with real fans.

Nobody wants to see the 7 seed play in the NLDS.  Nobody.  How do I define nobody?  Last year one of the ALDS games had under 1 million viewers.

I don’t even want to see the Mets get in the playoffs with 82 wins.

And you know that just as people are saying the one game playoff is unfair (you had 162 chances to avoid it), soon the best of 3 will be unfair and that will creep to 5 then 7 games as all playoff series eventually do.

This is just a terrible idea, and I think we all need to learn from the Sci-Fi geeks – they have created what they call The Fandom Menace to shout down all the terrible things that have been happening to properties like Star Trek and Dr. Who.    We need this for baseball.

Shout this idea down.  It’s terrible.