BASEBALL CHEATING Hardball Talk: Manfred must answer!

Here’s another strong read from Hardball Talk.  Let’s all keep the heat on baseball and wait for someone to start asking questions in The Bronx.

Indeed, Rob Manfred is one of the primary reasons it’s not going to go away. The scandal was allowed to persist because of his failure to act on what we know to have been common knowledge inside the game about the Astros cheating and his failure to act specifically on the at least 10-12 team complaints lodged to Major League Baseball about it. The fallout of it will continue to linger given his piecemeal response which seems to have been geared toward ending a cycle of bad press rather than digging down, however belatedly, into a serious problem. Bad press that, quite obviously, will continue anyway, because as anyone who has ever dealt with scandal before knows, there is always more bad press to come.